This intensive, small-group programme follows our powerful '3S' framework for planning and writing a book that works harder for your business: 

Story, Strategy, System

It includes: 

* monthly group meetings: face-to-face focus days in London alternating with online calls  

* private Facebook group  

* weekly group accountability calls  

* regular 1-to-1 calls with me, your writing coach and your dedicated marketing expert  

* marketing masterclasses (eg podcasting, LinkedIn, copy-writing)

* feedback and coaching to improve your writing and help you find your 'voice'.  

6-month fee: £5,950/$9,450 + VAT (payment plan available) 

Here's what those who've been through the programme say:  

"My original goal in enrolling in Alison’s mentorship program was to stop procrastinating and get a book written this year, or else! As well as the advanced makings of a book that I am proud to call my own, after 6 months I now have the foundations of a new business, a better appreciation of its potential reach, and a means to deepen its content and offering and magnify its impact. Augmented by Alison’s book and podcast, and access to experienced marketing and writing expertise, this is an ambitious 'how to get it done' program for the business book writing novice, anchored by research on what really works, the insights of successful business book writers, and useful and very practical advice on starting as you mean to continue. It's a ‘think big’ approach executed, tutorial style, with you and your project at its core. Most importantly, it works."

"The mentorship programme is a fantastic mix of top-level guidance, supportive network and shared learning. Not only will you be incentivised to make real progress with your book, but you’ll also be inspired by the progress of others - and, of course, by Alison’s expert supervision! As well as developing your book, you’ll also get clear on the future of your business, and you’ll leave the programme with momentum, direction and a renewed sense of passion for your work. For anyone wanting to get serious about their book / business, this programme is for you!"  

"Being a member of the group has made all the difference to my experience as a first-time writer. Having access to the knowledge and wisdom of others with a similar purpose but a different mindset has been fantastic for sanity-checking my thinking. It is also great for morale. Alison has facilitated us through the journey with great expertise and sensitivity, and is always there with a supportive comment or a friendly nudge. If you are serious about writing a business book you should give this some serious thought. I would suggest your investment will give you a generous return."  

"Every budding author needs an Alison Jones in their lives. Writing a book can be a lonely experience and one fraught with the complexities of publishing and the nuances of how to get book to really work for you. This course holds your hand every step of the way. It is a wise and sensible investment of both time and money." 

This Book Means Business: the Mentorship Programme

with Alison Jones

An intensive 6-month programme for business leaders with something to say. Expert support across 3 key elements of growth: * writing your book * building your platform * developing your business 

'Alison understands better than anyone how to write and position a book that fits into your business and helps it grow.'


Why do you judge applications for the programme, and what criteria do you use? 

I'm a commercial publisher, and a key part of this programme is my commitment to publish - at my own expense - the books that come out of it. That means I need to be confident that those taking part are committed to producing really professional, high-quality books with a viable target market, and that they're prepared to do the work on building their platform and presence that will make a book successful. I look for a credible, established business, a distinctive message, and a straightforward approach to doing the work and achieving results. With that kind of author, this programme is dynamite for both the business and the book. 

Do I have to pay the full amount up front?  

No, you can choose a monthly plan if you prefer. Ask me for details.  

How many people will be in the group?  

So that we can give the intensive 1-to-1 support this programme demands, it's limited to a maximum of 6 members at any one time.  

What if I can't make the meetings?  

Meetings alternate between focus days in London one month, online call the next. The dates for all sessions will be agreed in advance, and we hope you'll do everything possible to attend if you can. If you can't make a focus day for whatever reason, we'll extend your 1-to-1 call that month so you don't miss out. The online meetings will be recorded so you can submit questions and listen to the answers at your convenience if you can't make a session. Every Monday there's a less formal group call for accountabilty and goal-setting, but if you can't make this you can simply set out your goals for the week in the Facebook group.  

Do the face-to-face meetings have to be in London?  

London is simply the easiest place in the UK for the majority of people to reach by public transport, particulary if they're travelling internationally. If we have a group with a particular geographic focus at any point, I'll happily consider relocating monthly meetings with the agreement of all members. Please note that while the venue hire and all refreshments are provided, you're responsible for your own travel arrangements.  

Why 6 months?  

In my experience, that's the minimum time frame for making the transformational changes in your writing, content strategy, digital marketing and business strategy that this programme delivers. If you want to continue with the programme after that period, you can continue to do so at a signficantly lower monthly rate and stop at any time.  

I've got more questions, what should I do?  

You should drop me a line and ask your questions: alison[at] 

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